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Latest News: Emotional Intelligence key to a successful Working Life

eLearningworld News from US Let your senses guide you, embrace self-awareness/adaptability, collaboration/collegiality and empathy, in other words, use your emotional intelligence (EQ), and success in your working life will come your way. These are the advice in Harvard Business Review by James Runde, the author of the book UNEQUALED, with 40 years of experience from Morgan Stanley, today as  vice chairman. He writes: “Without EQ, it’s likely that you will be your firm’s “best-kept secret”… Continue reading

Latest News: Growth hacking trends in Scientific Publishing

Bruce Y. Lee writes in Forbes an excellent article about scientific publishing as a weapon against fake news etc. He identifies five trends that form the engine of the growth of scientific publishing, e.g. that investors, policymakers and businesses need better ways to make sense of all scientific results since science is becoming increasingly complex and knows no national borders, the scholars’ republic that we have written earlier on eLearningworld. In the end, it comes down… Continue reading

Publishing 4.0, according to research from FAU

Researchers from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen-Nürnberg, are in a new study developing ten proposals to provide publishers with inspiration to concepts to new business models with required content and IT infrastructure. The inspiration comes from general research on industry 4.0 that is being applied to the publishing industry’s prerequisites. “The key element of publishing 4.0 is the customer-driven approach,” Jörn Fahsel, said, he is a doctoral candidate at Institute of Book Studies (E-publishing and Digital Markets)… Continue reading

Latest News: New five year teacher education and digitization in focus

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government wants to transform the teacher education to a five year program that better corresponds to todays and future working life. A special focus is set to attract more foreign teacher students to Norwegian universities. The aim is that the new teacher education program will start from the autumn 2017. The Minster of Education, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen earlier this year introduced the vision in the following way: “We must… Continue reading

Latest News: Pressing the On-button for a citywide Internet of Things network

eLearningworld News from UK Digital Catapult backed by the UK Government is now rolling out a free-to-use London-wide internet of things network. It is one of the first in the world to cover such big area, besides an IoT-network in the Netherlands and one in South Korea. The vision behind the investment is besides a platform for IoT-services also that it should work as an open environment for IoT-startups and -innovation. The IoT network has… Continue reading

Latest News: Strong focus on digitization and VET gives innovation and jobs

eLearningworld News from Germany Strong focus on the needs of digitization and adapted education is strengthening innovation and gives high employment rates, this year’s OECD report “Education at a Glance 2016” shows about Germany. The positive employment results are closely linked to the strengths of the training system in Germany. The government terms this, vocational education training 4.0 (VET 4.0), that is referring to preparation for Industry 4.0, meaning a digitized and to a larger… Continue reading

Latest News: First cornerstone to build a Nordic Edtech Community

eLearningworld News from Nordic Countries The only edtech accelerator hub in the Nordic Countries, the Finnish XEdu, and Edtech Sweden announcing a new co-operation with ambition to build an extended Edtech Community for support and collaboration opportunities for Edtech startups.  Niko Lindholm, Program Director at xEdu comments: We really look forward to being able to communicate the possibility to join the xEdu program to Sweden through our partner and its extensive network. This is the… Continue reading

Latest News: Citizen Science taking the Sharing Economy to the next level

eLearningworld News from Germany The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) are launching a collaborative approach to science with projects mainly targeted at citizen research and scientific work. This is an approach that not only works to bring in new perspectives to science but also has great prospects to boost the sharing economy (more on this subject later on eLearningworld). Stefan Müller, Parliamentary State Secretary of BMBF, explains: “More and more people are… Continue reading

Latest News: Four cornerstones for growth of the European eLearning market

eLearningworld News from EU A new forecast for the e-learning market in Europe from Technavio shows an expected growth of 12% during the period of 2016-2020. The research company identify four main driving forces; 1. Availability of basic digital infrastructure, where one of many triggers is online examinations. Today, more than half of the institutes in the EU have introduced online examinations, which are expected to reach close to 70% during the forecast period. 2.… Continue reading

Latest News: EU Commission eyeing how to boost the European sharing economy

eLearningworld News from EU The EU Commission has identified the developing sharing/collaborative economy as an important engine for entrepreneurship, innovation, job creation and growth. Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen, responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said: “Europe’s next unicorn could stem from the collaborative economy. Our role is to encourage a regulatory environment that allows new business models to develop while protecting consumers and ensuring fair taxation and employment conditions.” The Commission is looking for… Continue reading