Empathic Design that collaborates with peoples minds

Empathic design is focusing on the receivers subconscious desires by finding the implicit reasons people use your product or service. To put this method in practice you have to map emotions and motivations from potential target groups. Where you use formative research instead of summative research that usually is more common in design projects. Formative research begins at the beginning of a design project to work as a guide to align the design towards the… Continue reading

Setting the Organisation in a Design Thinking and Learning Mood

The Learning Organisation and Design Thinking are two terms that are drivers of the Culture of Modern Organisations. This is a personalised and at the same time collaborative environment that boosts creativity and the general performance.  The general competence that is required to be successful is craftsmanship. Since the box that characterised the former century now is replaced with increasing complexity and openness. The open source movement works as a great role model for such… Continue reading

Latest News: Trending! A Retail Bookstore without Books

eLearningworld News from France What if you could go into a bookstore where it is possible to get a printed version of any book. In Paris, France, the first print on demand bookstore is now being launched with an “Espresso Book Machine”. This is a printing machine that is small enough to fit in a small bookstore and a book with up to 800 pages is produced within minutes.  The book buyer searches a database… Continue reading

Latest News: Making London the Edtech Capital of the World

eLearningworld News from UK The global Edtech sector is worth €61 billion 2015, and is projected to be worth €175 billion by 2020 according to a report by London & Partners and Edtech UK. To accelerate this growth Edtech UK is now being launched with the goal to make London the capital of the edtech-industry. The main aim with Edtech UK is to promote the UK’s educational technology sector that is one of the fastest… Continue reading