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Latest News: Minister of Education writes letter to all parents promoting Value-based and Flexible Education

eLearningworld News from France The French Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, has sent a letter to all parents with children in French schools. The focus was to inform about the new classes in moral and civic education, which could be seen as a respond to the Charlie Hebdo attack in January, but also as a reaction to the growing climate of hate on the web and other discrimination. Another topic in the letter was to… Continue reading

Latest News: Campaign for LifeLong Learning for all

eLearningworld News from Thailand The Thai Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is launching a campaign to involve all parts of the country in lifelong learning. The first step of the plan is to bring electric power to border areas currently with no electricity in order to in the next step promote e-learning in schools. The basic aim is to increase literacy rate among younger students through online and software programs. A detailed long-term plan… Continue reading