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Paperbacks losing ground to eBooks

eLearningworld News The total sales of Finnish publishing houses were €250 million in 2017, including €35 million from ebooks that have been growing since 2012. At the same time, as paperback books’ sales are falling, the profit 2016 was in total in Finland €7,1 million, in 2017 it was €5,6 million. However,  Nona Ratia from the publishing house Otava says to svenska.yle.fi that the digital books are not a threat to paperbacks, but on the… Continue reading

Gamification in Practice in Schools and a Museum

eLearningworld News How to improve language learning in school? In a EU funded project via the Erasmus+ programme, partner schools from Malta, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey and Italy are exploring the opportunities. The driving forces on the gamified learning area in comparison with traditional pedagogy is engaging storytelling, problem-solving and using strategies, playing by the rules and gaining points as the pupil progress. The languages the pupils learn is English and German as a second… Continue reading

Educational Champions to capitalize on their Excellence

eLearningworld News Finland works as a role model for most other countries when it comes to both educational performance and innovation directed towards meeting the digital society’s challenges. In this spirit the Finnish Government in 2015 started to direct its efforts to export this excellence in the form of education technology, learning resources and consultancy. The growth from 2014, when the turnover from educational export was €260 million is targeting €350 million by the end… Continue reading

Farewell to formal education as we know it in Finland?

eLearningworld News Soon subjects in formal education probably only will be a subject for history writers to write about as the Finnish governmental project shows promising results. This would mean that the for centuries basic structure of school education is being wiped away in favor of theme-based, more collaborative, real-world and real-time learning. As being already an educational superpower and role model for most other countries Finland now is forming a new learning environment from… Continue reading

Latest News: Top Education Nation to export Vocational Training degrees

eLearningworld News from Finland The quality of Finland’s educational system is admired all over the world. Now the Finnish Government is preparing a new law that makes it possible to export vocational training services including degrees. The focus is to export the flexible independent graduation method where students can graduate from the basis of their former work experience. However, most students participate in preparation courses before the final examination. The concept includes both basic- and… Continue reading

Latest News: ICT labour market in reconstruction as the development speeds up

eLearningworld News from Finland The government of Finland is funding ten universities with totally €1,35 million for courses to retrain people that lost their jobs or risk loosing their jobs in the ICT-sector. The flexible approach of the funding is for courses that support professionals to redirect their competence, productification of competence, international market skills and entrepreneurship for new businesses. The specific fields that are targeted are for example Game Developer, Pedagogical Teacher studies for… Continue reading

Latest News: New research finds which country that is the most literate in the world

eLearningworld News from the World Central Connecticut State University in New Britain has conducted research on the literacy in 200 countries. However, the method of the research is differing from e.g. the Pisa study, since it instead of measuring reading skills focus on “literate behaviour characteristics”. This means everything from numbers of libraries and newspapers to years of schooling and computer availability in the countries. Top of the chart of the most literate nations in… Continue reading

Latest News: Education for integration from Day One for Refugees

eLearningworld News from Finland The teacher-union OAJ in Finland proposes that refugees should start to receive education from they arrive in order to speed up integration in the society. This will also shorten the way to the labour market. The focus of the education is to learn about the Finnish society and learn the new language. The charirman of OAJ Olli Luukkainen says the following: “This will succeed by letting educational institutions organise the integration-education.… Continue reading

Latest News: Which school subjects today? None in Finland 2016

eLearningworld News from Finland It is almost a month ago eLearningworld reported on Finland’s innovative and learning-friendly educational reform, now other media is beginning to catch up. Teaching by subject will be replaced by teaching by topic during the next year in Finland. “This is going to be a big change in education in Finland that we’re just beginning,” said Liisa Pohjolainen to the Independent, manager of youth and adult education in Helsinki. The basic… Continue reading

Latest News: Creativity and Fun is new driving-forces in the new curriculum

eLearningworld News from Finland The new curriculum for pre-school and primary school in Finland will be implemented during the year of 2016. The pedagogical news is that the pupils should have a more active approach to learning than before. The other profound change is that the collaboration over the fields of subjects’ borders should increase. This will mean less traditional classroom teaching and more work in creative groups. Source: YLE Continue reading