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EU to become the leader in FinTech – new action plan launched

eLearningworld News In the shadow of Brexit and to promote future development of a growth industry, the European Union has launched a 23-step action plan for FinTech. It includes the establishment of an EU Fintech Laboratory and it also includes strategies to advance new developments in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Blockchain technology is another area in focus. The plan is also directed on to enable crowdfunding platforms to apply for an EU label based… Continue reading

20 European Universities by 2024 and introducing a European Student Card

eLearningworld News At the European Council meeting 14 December higher education was one of the most prioritised areas on the agenda. Besides declaring the efforts to boost mobility and student exchange with the Erasmus+ programme, a European Student Card was introduced with purpose to develop student participation in cultural activities across Europe. Another agreement at the meeting was the intention of creating 20 European Universities in order to further simplify the process of combining studies… Continue reading

Boosting qualitative and effective apprenticeships in Europe

eLearningworld News The European Commission has identified 14 criteria that EU countries and stakeholders should use to develop qualitative and effective apprenticeships across Europe. The criteria includes learning and working conditions, like written contract; learning outcomes, pedagogical support, pay and/or compensation, as well as work, health and safety conditions. Other criteria concerns framework conditions, like regulatory framework, support for companies and career guidance. The Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Marianne Thyssen,… Continue reading

Brazil Supreme Court equates Printed books and eBooks, removes the tax on the latter

eLearningworld News After the European Court of Justice ruling that an ebook should not be considered as a book and ebooks should continue to suffer of full VAT-rate, a similar case has been ruled in the Brazil Supreme Court this week, with the opposite outcome. The results of the ruling are that tax will not be allowed on any book-format. With this ruling, digital versions of books are practically indistinguishable from their physical versions. Reading… Continue reading

Celebrating 30 years of Learning across European Borders

eLearningworld News from Berlin 1987 the student exchange program Erasmus of the European Union was launched and now on the 30th birthday, a ceremony is held in Berlin. EU-Commissioner of Education Tibor Navracsics and the German Minister of Education Johanna Wanka both participated in the ceremony, she said: “There is no more passionate ambassador for a common Europe than people who have themselves experienced how enriching it is to get to know other cultures. We… Continue reading

Latest News: EU Commission eyeing how to boost the European sharing economy

eLearningworld News from EU The EU Commission has identified the developing sharing/collaborative economy as an important engine for entrepreneurship, innovation, job creation and growth. Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen, responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said: “Europe’s next unicorn could stem from the collaborative economy. Our role is to encourage a regulatory environment that allows new business models to develop while protecting consumers and ensuring fair taxation and employment conditions.” The Commission is looking for… Continue reading