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Latest News: SMEs make best use of EU research funding for ICT

eLearningworld News from EU Innovation Radar survey shows that 41% of all organizations behind high potential innovations that is receiving EU research funding are small- and medium-sized enterprises. Despite that SMEs only accounting for 14% of the total funding. The survey also shows that when taking innovations to the market. Projects tend to focus on technology-related steps over business-related ones. There is a strong geographic concentration of innovators that receive EU research funding for ICT.… Continue reading

Latest News: EU Committee of the Regions looking for pioneering regions

eLearningworld News from EU The President of EU Committee of the Regions, Markku Markkula, call for an improved strategy for regional development. He writes: “Lifelong learning and digitalization are the cornerstones of this change in mind-set towards entrepreneurship and innovation.” The European regions can play a vital role for change of the mind-set. Furthermore, the re-engineering of the socio-economic realities of the region to better adapt to peoples future demands. According to President Markkula, this… Continue reading

Latest News: Textbooks heading towards The End?

eLearningworld News from India The Times of India reporting under title “Much talk on textbooks, but little done to make school bags lighter” that not much has happened during the past eight years about this issue. eLearning-materials that could be a solution too often is seen as too expensive to use. At the same time, Hindustan Times reporting that the eLearning sector is flourishing among young entrepreneurs in India, where the market is estimated to… Continue reading

Latest News: eLearning Conference to improve Entrepreneurship

eLearningworld News from Africa Africa’s leading learning and technology conference is taking place in Ethiopia next month and is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The conference that is co-organised by the African Union will have a special focus on the learning technology’s role in being a growing ground for entrepreneurial skills. One of the methods in focus is gamification, in other words game mechanics implemented in a serious context to improve engagement and learning. The keynote… Continue reading

Latest News: Hack4Kids on ICT Spring Europe 2015

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg Hack4kids mission is to educate young children from 7-12 years old about ICT and to promote coding in general. The focus is to raise understanding and knowledge about tools and trends within this field, in order to empower the next generations ICT talents and entrepreneurs. Hack4kids is taking place May 20, during ICT Spring Europe 2015 in Luxembourg. The conference includes 4000 visitors and 500 companies from 70 countries. Source: News… Continue reading

Entrepreneurial spirit into the school system Part 1

Global Education Initiative leads the way Entrepreneurship involves individual’s ability to convert ideas to functional services and products, and further to market success. These characteristics demand high-level of creativity and self-esteem. This is also the starting-point of the study Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Capabilities to Meet the Global Challenges of the 21st Century presented at World Economic Forum 2010. Entrepreneurship should be according to the study permeated in all aspects of… Continue reading