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Latest News: The formula for edtech alchemy presented on Israel summit

eLearningworld News from Israel Israel Edtech Summit 2016 that takes place June 8-9 in Tel Aviv includes besides leading people from Israel education and edtech community and an edtech delegation from China also several other prominent international guests like the founder of Steve Jobs Schools, Maurice de Hond. One of many subjects that will be discussed at the summit is challenges on the pioneering edtech market and the role support and access to capital plays… Continue reading

Latest News: Gamification reaching a new level in the coming years

eLearningworld News from the World In a new global forecast the gamification market is expected to grow from $1.65 billion in 2015 to $11.10 billion by 2020. The speedy growth of social media is driving the gamification market as well as the BYOD, bring your own device-development, among businesses. Another aspect is that gamification mechanisms are well-equipped to bring added value both for employees and customers. It is especially effective for marketing, sales and brand… Continue reading

Latest News: Gamified practice before School Exams with promising outcome

eLearningworld News from Jamaica Gsat, Grade Six Achievement Test, is given to eleven years old in Jamaica every year where the results has high impact on the child’s further studies. The competition to reach top score is thereby hard. This has made the edtech-company Edufocal to turn the practice before Gsat into an engaging competition with gamified functions. The pupils start at level one in all subjects and besides the satisfaction in trying to reach… Continue reading

Latest News: Toolkit for Leadership in times of change, London Business School

eLearningworld News from UK Richard Jolly is Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. In his research on the challenges of leading in times of change he has developed a toolkit of what skills is required. He identify ten keys to management that is vital for success. This includes to focus your time on key priorities, use your emotional intelligence by trusting your instincts, build a great team and show that you care… Continue reading

Latest News: New Search Engine to find the best courses in 4000 universities

eLearningworld News from Sweden SchoolApply.com is a new search engine where students can find courses of their choice among 4000 universities worldwide. By the end of 2016 the company hopes to have 20 000 schools listed. The search engine filters e.g. program level, academic discipline, tuition fees, school ranking and academic requirements. After finding the school and program of your choice you can apply directly from the SchoolApply-app and the application will be reviewed by… Continue reading

Latest News: Making kids learn economics with an interactive game

eLearningworld News from US Which is the best pedagogical method to teach economics in order to make school pupils really understand it? Sahith Malyala and Sahil Yedulla, two high school seniors, answer is 5-10 minutes lecture combined with an interactive game that tests the pupils’ understanding. The outcome is engagement and interest in current questions that concerns economics. On this basis Sahith Malyala and Sahil Yedulla founded the Edunomics Club. The basic concept is that… Continue reading

Latest News: Google Campus for StartUps opens in Warsaw

eLearningworld News from Poland The Warsaw Google Campus is a support center for start-ups and inventors that require advanced technologies to develop their business and also gives opportunity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. The Minister of Science, Peter Dardziński that just has been appointed to focus on innovation and the co-operation between science and business, stressed the importance of creating innovation ecosystems. He also assured that the Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be… Continue reading

Latest News: Building bridges between Young Entrepreneurs with Knowledge Worldwide

eLearningworld News from Norway 25 young entrepreneurs from all over the world has been invited to Telenor Youth Forum 2015. The selected participants has two characteristics in common, they was born in the digital age and has come up with untraditional and innovative digital solutions on new or existing problems in society. The group consists of 14 woman and 11 men in the age of 18-28 from e.g. Myanmar, Serbia and Malaysia. The theme of… Continue reading

Latest News: Sir Richard Branson – The teaching methods in school are of the 19th Century

eLearningworld News from UK The founder of Virgin sir Richard Branson said to the Mail on Sunday that it is time to get schools up to date and finally remove the 19th Century pedagogy. One part of such a development is to increase the amount of entrepreneurship education in order to inspire to entrepreneurial thinking at early age. This should be seen in the light that small business today form the foundation of the economy… Continue reading

Latest News: Indian universities producing CEOs for largest Western companies

eLearningworld News from India What has Microsoft, Nokia, Mastercard and Pepsi in common? The answer is that they are all run by people with degrees from Indian Universities. For instance, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia have both degrees from Manipal Institute of Technology. Now Google is added to this crowd after Sundar Pichai with a degree from the Indian Institute of technology has been selected to become the new… Continue reading