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The Lab – A symbol of the Digital Society and its Learning Part 3

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; but in practice, there is.” Albert Einstein is often connected to this quote. However, these words are included in written sources from 1882. At that time Einstein was three years old. So it is unclear who really was the source of this timeless wisdom that is getting a new dimension in the digital society. Driving-forces of the new dimension Human organisational forms are going from… Continue reading

Universities as the engine of social entrepreneurship

eLearningworld Entrepreneurial News In Stanford Social Innovation Review, Ben Mangan, Claire Markham and Kristiana Raube, all connected to Berkeley-Haas, identifies three ways for universities to become engines of social entrepreneurship. The platforms to build social enterprise, according to the authors, should include open doors to the classrooms of the voices of stakeholders. Meaning that it should work as a flipped classroom with focus on real life experience within the classroom. The second point is that… Continue reading

Latest News: Future Cities goes to School

eLearningworld News from the World By 2050, over 80 percent of Europeans are projected to live in towns or cities and the trend of people that is moving to the cities is similar all over the world. But what will the future cities look like? Cara Morton, professor at Washington State University has bypassed this question to middle school students by hosting a competition to design the future city. This is a task to put… Continue reading

Latest News: To get past the school mindset

eLearningworld News from the World In a transforming society where the school and all its stakeholders struggling to adapt its performance to the digital age, Laura Grace Weldon’s solution is to get past the industrial age mindset of school into a more natural form of learning. She writes for FEE (Foundation of Economic Education): “We are born motivated to explore, play, emulate role models, challenge ourselves, make mistakes and try again – continually gaining mastery.”… Continue reading