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Three profound reasons to Sweden’s failure in Pisa 2012

European Trends exposed | eLearningworld

With all problems with this kind of tests in mind that I have written about earlier on eLearningworld the PISA Student Assessment still give some indication of the conditions in school. To summarise the three points below they all can be traced back to failured policies of the Ministry of Education during the recent years. 1.Increasing amount of administration for the teachers with stress and less education-time as a result The Minister of Education’s answer:… Continue reading

Educational reforms mostly based on ideology, best guesses and hope

European Trends exposed | eLearningworld

According to Professor Emeritus Larry Cuban at Stanford University educational reforms to a large extent is based on political hype that is characterised by unrealistic expectations. This is the conclusion of a study of 23 American educational reforms. From this perspective Professor Gunnel Colnerud at Linköping University in Sweden writes on Dagens Nyheter Debate (Sweden’s largest quality daily paper) that this goes for Sweden too, that; “Reform tiredness threatens the quality”. Read the excellent article… Continue reading