To be an interactive storyteller

Curiosity builds bridges between what you already know and what you want to know. The engine for curiosity is interactivity that can be formed with an almost unlimited amount of methods, design and techniques. This could mean the interactivity between the reader and the printed story. Between the viewer and a video- or sound-sequence or to actually interact in or with the content in different ways. It is in this interactivity where the magic and… Continue reading

Latest News: Bringing a city’s history to life – Digital storytelling about Lviv

eLearningworld News from Ukraine Lviv Interactive (LIA) is a web-accessible interactive historical map of the city of Lviv that with interactive storytelling presents the city’s history and make more accessible. The purpose with the map is to present the contemporary living city in its historical dimension rather than reproducing a static picture of the past. The project is basically powered with Google Maps and the stories are delivered within ten themes, like Crossroads of Empire,… Continue reading