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Sign of the time – MOOC with 1.2 million enrollments

Sign of the time - MOOC with 1.2 million enrollments

Introduction to Computer Science using Python is MITx most popular MOOC. Since the start in 2012, it has totally 1.2 million enrollments. John Guttag, the Dugald C. Jackson Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT explains the success in the following way: “Although on the surface it’s a computer programming course with Python, it’s really not about Python or even programming.” Eric Grimson, the Bernard M. Gordon Professor of Medical Engineering and professor… Continue reading

Latest News: Programming will be integrated in the Swedish School Curriculum

Latest News: New Visualisation Technology to boost interest in Natural Science

eLearningworld News from Sweden The Swedish Government announcing that digital competence and coding will be integrated in the Swedish school curriculum. “Access to computers is not enough, it is the teaching and the teachers knowledge that produce the pupils digital competence.”, the Minister of Education Gustav Fridolin, the Minister of Secondary Schools and Further Education Aida Hadzialic and the IT-Minister Mehmet Kaplan writes. Swedish school children have in an international comparison good access to computers… Continue reading

Latest News: 1 million students to learn coding!

Latest News: Hack4Kids on ICT Spring Europe 2015

eLearningworld News from Italy After the great success last year when 300 000 students participated in 16 500 classes to learn to code, the Ministry of Education in Italy has this year extended the challenge by aiming to involve 1 million students. The Italian Minister of Education Stefania Giannini says -“We have a very ambitious goal to contribute, through the school, to the cultural growth of our country. The coding is not an activity for… Continue reading

Latest News: Teachers must have computer skills stated in planned five-year digital strategy

Latest News: EdTech Accelerator offers Funding and Expertise

eLearningworld News from Ireland The Irish Government’s digital strategy for schools for the next five years includes a demand for good digital skills among teachers. From this prerequisite ICT should be integrated in all teacher education. Seán Ó Foghlú, secretary general of the Department of Education and Skills said as a comment to the OECD PISA assessment for digital skills: “There is more to learning obviously than literacy and numeracy.” (quoted in Irish Times). Teacher’s… Continue reading

Latest News: Stockholm support training of digital skills to teacher-students

Latest News: Stockholm support training of digital skills to teacher-students

eLearningworld News from Sweden The municipality of Stockholm has become a member of Rebel Learner that is a network to improve and complement teacher-student’s practical skills in Leadership-, Value- and Digitalization. The direct connection to the most highly skilled teacher-students also forms a base to future recruitment. Rebel Learners is a non-profit organisation that is funded by member-fees. At the moment the network has 100 teacher-students in their programme and is now working to increase… Continue reading