Design Thinking for Publishing 4.0 – people-centred evolution

Axel Roesler, Associate Professor in Interactive Design at Washington University, writes on “… the world of innovation is a world in which humans define what is new and accepted and embraced. So, yes, human interaction is essential when we innovate. And, yes, again, 21stcentury innovation has to be people-friendly.” Good design is thereby an evolution of ideas that are improving human interaction. Where one of the main drivers is technology. Publishing is one of… Continue reading

Taking the Lead in Research of making Higher Education Digital

eLearningworld News The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is now launching a nationwide research-project of how the virtual lecture hall should be designed. It concerns questions of best practice to use digital media for experiments, visualisation improvements with digital media, design and evaluation of examinations etc. An expert jury has selected 20 individual and joint projects at 39 institutes all over Germany that focus on the opportunities and risks of the research… Continue reading

Latest News: The Norwegian Government wants 0% VAT on digital media

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government proposes 0%VAT on digital media in its budget proposal. The cost would be around €37 million. Printed media including books is today free from VAT in Norway, while digital media pays 25% VAT. With the new proposal the government expects a more dynamic digital media market, where new concepts is tested and more financing is available. However, in the press release digital news and web-based TV is mentioned,… Continue reading