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Soft Skills in an EdTech and Neuroscience perspective

Soft Skills in an EdTech and Neuroscience perspective

Neuroscience and education All learning depends on the rewiring of neurons into new patterns. From this prerequisite, it takes 10 000 hours of learning to become an expert within a certain field according to recent research. The new rewired patterns in the brain once established creates a new unconscious competence and when focused on one selected field it creates expertise. However, to reach this level you also require soft skills, meaning the ability to critical… Continue reading

Museum offers school’s in poorer suburbs education in coding

Latest News: Time to become productive, New report about children’s media habits

eLearningworld News The Museum of Technology in Stockholm now launching the MakerTour for Coding in School. During three years the museum will offer Middle Schools in poorer parts of Stockholm free teacher training, workshops in school and at the museum, as well as holiday activities with coding courses for the pupils is included in the programme. The focus is to improve the digital competence both for teachers and pupils in playful way in order to… Continue reading

Latest News: Government launches Makerspaces for Education

Latest News: STARTS - European crossroad for ICT and Art to create Medici-effects

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg November 20 the Luxembourg Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, launched the first six educational makerspaces. The focus is to offer interested young people spaces to use their creativity and experimentation for their own digital projects. These makerspaces are the first pillar of BEE CREATIVE program that aims to bring children and young people to use ICT to create, learn, discover and implement projects. In other words develop their… Continue reading

Latest News: New Pisa Report shows lack of digital literacy in School

Latest News: Eurobarometer - Access to Digital Content shows EUs Single Markets limitations

eLearningworld News from OECD The new report from OECD with focus on assessment of digital skills shows that schools in general still not taking advantage of using technology in the classroom and beyond. The report “Students, Computers and Learning: Making The Connection” concludes “that even countries which have invested heavily in ICT for education have seen no noticeable improvement in their performances in PISA results for reading, mathematics or science.” This is a result of… Continue reading