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Latest News: IBM’s Watson in training to fight cybercrimes

Latest News: IBM’s Watson in training to fight cybercrimes

eLearningworld News from US In collaboration with eight leading universities IBM is launching a new project to train Watson in the field of cyber-security. IBM’s world-renowned X-Force research library will be a central part of the materials to train Watson. This body of knowledge includes 20 years of security research, details on 8 million spam and phishing attacks and over 100,000 documented vulnerabilities. IBM explains the pioneering status of the project in the following way:… Continue reading

Latest News: New research project on IT-security in networked production

Latest News: UK Government launching Digital Marketplace for public schools

eLearningworld News from Germany German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is targeting IT-security in networked production processes. 14 companies in the German industry and seven research institutes and universities will collaborate to produce applications to minimize damage of hacker attacks. Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka commented, “IT security is one of the key prerequisites to benefit from the opportunities of Industry 4.0. Only through a secure communication confidence is created in the new,… Continue reading