Connected work, when robots taking over monotonous jobs

Two-thirds of the work available today, robots will be taking over. This development has been going on with accelerating speed in the developed world for a few decades. So, when politicians are saying that they will bring “home” production in globalized companies. They are really saying that they are trying to bring in automated factories within their borders. The UN report “Robots, and industrialization in developing countries” explains this trend: “Some reshoring has occurred, especially… Continue reading

Entrepreneurship on all levels to adapt to the Digital Age

The term “Industrie 4.0” originates from the high-tech strategy of the German government, which promotes the digitization of manufacturing. The term after the introduction in 2011 rapidly became generally acknowledged and used all over the world. In Germany Industrie 4.0 has been followed by SME 4.0 and Teaching 4.0. Terms that have gained ground and flourished from a more general active entrepreneurial spirit. A favourable mood that calls for an active (and successful) integration of new citizens, a research… Continue reading

Blockchain in the creative industry and education

The blockchain technology buzzing is everywhere via investors, entrepreneurs, even politicians and in higher education. As Harvard Business Review has termed it a foundational technology and global market forecasts show the prospects of an extraordinary growth the buzzword on everybody’s lips is very likely to turn into one of the main transformative forces to go further into the digital society. The creative industry and education are two of the fields where blockchain can have a… Continue reading

The Century of the Brain and Computing Part 9: Labour Market

The creative industry is one of fastest growing business-sectors the past two decades. The mass-production society’s piece-by-piece production-lines and standardisation is replaced by uniqueness often directly from a human hand and mind. The old craftsmen’s business that was blown away by 1900th Century industrialisation is now being rebirth in a modernised form. This is underlined by the fact that the creative industry almost without exceptions consist of businesses with 0-9 employers. At the same time… Continue reading