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Growth hacker design – Boosting an entrepreneurial mindset

LEARNING DESIGN IN PRACTICE FOR EVERYBODY > PART5 > NEW SECTION JANUARY 27 2018 In making design thinking the most powerful force of development in an organisation, the strategy should be set on reducing the time frame of identifying an internal or external problem, and with the eyes from the stakeholders perspective come up with a solution to test and implement when it is workable. Always think, user-experience design first, for whatever the problem and solution… Continue reading

Latest News: Edtech intensive Learning Rooms making your mistakes known

eLearningworld News from US A TEIL Classroom (technology enhanced interactive learning) is directed on problem-based learning where the students work in groups to solve a multitude of problems with support of interactive tools. This learning approach makes the experience more similar to the working life where every mistake is signalled to all in the room. It is an innovative environment of trial and error, where the student not only learns from his own or the… Continue reading