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Publishing 4.0 trends on a new playground

Publishing 4.0 trends on a new playground

Researchers from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen-Nürnberg have developed ten proposals to provide publishers with inspiration to concepts for new business models. “The key element of publishing 4.0 is the customer-driven approach,” Jörn Fahsel, said, he is a doctoral candidate at Institute of Book Studies (E-publishing and Digital Markets) and a member of the research team behind the study. The analysis of the publishing 4.0 trends is based on a survey with newspaper- and scientific publishers as… Continue reading

Book publishing as a source of success – Today’s development

Book publishing as a source of success - Today's development

LEARNING DESIGN IN PRACTICE FOR EVERYBODY  > PART5 > NEW SECTION JUNE 14 2018 In our Swedish edition, we have published a series of stories about book publishing as a source of transformation both at the birth of the industrial society and now in pioneering years of the digital society. In the former transformation the focus of our stories was directed on two protagonists in Sweden during the first half of the 19th Century, the… Continue reading

Paperbacks losing ground to eBooks

Paperbacks losing ground to eBooks

eLearningworld News The total sales of Finnish publishing houses were €250 million in 2017, including €35 million from ebooks that have been growing since 2012. At the same time, as paperback books’ sales are falling, the profit 2016 was in total in Finland €7,1 million, in 2017 it was €5,6 million. However,  Nona Ratia from the publishing house Otava says to svenska.yle.fi that the digital books are not a threat to paperbacks, but on the… Continue reading

Latest News: First step to Build a European Book Market

Latest News: First step to Build a European Book Market

eLearningworld News from EU The EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive is being revised in order to better comprehend with todays media habits of especially young people. Since the younger generations consume less and less traditional media like TV broadcasting and more of different forms of digital experiences on demand. One of the EU Commission’s proposals is on geo-blocking where the new proposal defines the situations when there is no justified reason for geo-blocking or other… Continue reading

Latest News: Strong growth on the Swedish book market

Latest News: Europeans more interested in eBooks but VAT-rules are a solid obstacle

eLearningworld News from Sweden For the first time in many years the book sales is increasing in Sweden both when it comes to revenue and volume, a report from the Swedish Publishers Association shows. The growth in general was above 3%, where non-fiction books within the categories of humanities 9.8% growth and general 7.5% growth, grow the most.  Internet bookstores experienced sales-growth with 6.9%, while traditional bookstores also increased sales, 1.9%. Digital books are not… Continue reading

EU Commission thinks digital but not for the integrating Book Market

Latest News: Poland goes to European Court of Justice over VAT on eBooks

eLearningworld’s Weekly Review Carlos Moedas, EU Research Commissioner, claimed this week that the public should have open access to government funded research. He stresses that science journal publishing companies should reshape their business models to fit an open access system. Moedas said: “There is a revolution happening in the way science works. Every part of the scientific method is nowadays becoming an open, collaborative and participative process. Can publishers afford to stay out of that… Continue reading

Latest News: Independence Day for the BookMarket

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eLearningworld News from the UK In October 8 publishers in UK starting their assault on the Chistmas book market by releasing more than 500 new books on the same day. The event can be seen as a nationwide exhibition for the book industry and a possibility for book-readers to stay a head of the development. At the same time the UK’s only remaining specialist national book chain, Waterstone will open a new gigant store in… Continue reading

Latest News: The dawn of enhanced eBooks

Latest News: British Library and Nottingham University creates MOOC

eLearningworld News from the World The seven year downturn of printed books has come to an end according to Nielsen’s TCM. At the same time as the recent boom market for eBooks is now transforming into a mature stage. However, the format of both printed books and ebooks are basically plain text with illustration. Now it is time for the next step. To use the words from Horizon Report 2011: “What make electronic books a… Continue reading

Latest News: Public Libraries form a Fair eBook Pricing Coalition

Latest News: British Library and Nottingham University creates MOOC

eLearningworld News from Canada The purpose with the coalition is to raise awareness of the high prices that multinational publishers charge public libraries for ebooks. At same time as the demand to borrow eBooks grow rapidly. The campaign is based on the website www.fairpricingforlibraries.org where people will respond to a poll and is also asked spread the word on social media. The campaign is directed towards Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House and Simon &… Continue reading