European Time Machine project to reinvent the past for the benefit of business

European Time Machine is one of six proposals that received funding in a large-scale research initiative from the European Commission. The project focus on using historical big data to design and visualise the historical development of cities across Europe. Amsterdam is one of many cities that now are following in steps of pioneers like Venice and Lausanne to develop a time machine for their city. 3D reconstructions of the city The technology is based on… Continue reading

New approaches to develop design skills and build motivation

What can a museum do to develop design skills? As a matter of fact, it could be a dynamic creative space for such skills development. In this spirit, Victoria and Albert Museum in London launched a school project. With the mission to “promote design education for the future” that is called DesignLab Nation. The museum focus was to promote crafts skills from the heritage of manufacturing and design in industrial cities. Thereby, the project was located… Continue reading

Content Marketing trends from Collaborative to Tech – Trend 2 of 5

Design thinking to target people and their needs To use a design thinking approach for your content marketing strategy means to meet your audience from their individual prerequisites. Data is here the goldmine both to get a hold of what works for already published content and how to improve it, and also to receive sensible intelligence for coming campaigns. However, data gives rarely the full picture of peoples rational- and emotional requirements, which calls for… Continue reading

Use of Blockchain in Education – the future is here

eLearningworld News A new solution based on blockchain technology allows open sharing of academic proficiency and progress records in a much more efficient way than before. The solution is developed by Sony Global Education and based on IBM Blockchain where the main benefits is that it allows school administrators to consolidate and manage students’ educational data from several schools, as well as record and refer their learning history and digital academic transcripts with more accuracy.… Continue reading

Robots at your service in future homes

eLearningworld News How can robots be of best service for people at home? This question the Professors Matthias König and Sven Battermann with a multi-disciplinary team are researching. The focus of the research is directed on optimizing the communication and thus the interaction between service robots and the intelligent environment of a building. The other focus is on the user-specific human-machine interaction. The research is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research… Continue reading

Latest News: Wearables as an edtech device

eLearningworld News from US The Stanford aWEAR’16 is the first international wearables in learning and education conference. It took place between November 14-15 and focused on topics like, bridging the gap between humans and technology, wearable technology in the classroom, collecting and processing data about learning and learning context from wearable devices, wearables and virtual reality in learning. The target groups of the conference were individuals in K-12, higher education, corporate learning and existing technology… Continue reading

Latest News: A Goldmine for Publishers

eLearningworld News from US Netflix knows what you watch, Amazon reviewing your reading behaviour and Spotify what is music to your ears, while publishers still has no access to such big data. Not until now, Jellybooks is a reader analytics company that has run tests on the reader behaviour of 200 books from one American-, three British and three German publishers. The publishers’ that are working with Jellybooks does not use the data to profoundly… Continue reading

Internet of Things transforming Manufacturing, education next?

eLearningworld Weekly Review Germany has taken the lead fourth Industrial Revolution which is a common term that include automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. This computerisation of manufacturing is a part of the Internet of Things development where everything from devices to machines is connected for the user’s convenience and big data for continual improvements.  “As the “internet of things” spreads to the factory floor, products are being packed with ever more sensors and connected… Continue reading

Latest News: IBM teams educate new generation of big data innovators

eLearningworld News from the World The explosion of data and the cloud has fuelled the need for employees with specialized talent. IBM is one of the main engines in this big data and cloud development. Through Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) the company now is working with more than 300 colleges and universities around the world to educate new generations of professionals within the field. “Linux and other open innovation platforms have become a primary… Continue reading