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Latest News: Building a Marketplace for the Internet of Things

Latest News: German Government launch innovation driver of digitalisation

eLearningworld News from Sweden In an interview with CIO Sweden, Anders Thulin, the CIO of Ericsson, gives his insights about how the company is transforming from being a telecom company into becoming an ICT business with the vision of building the world leading marketplace for the internet of things. Today, 40 percent of all mobile traffic worldwide is distributed through networks that Ericsson has delivered where the next big thing is the launch of 5G.… Continue reading

Latest News: VIP + helps research results on faster path to application

Latest News: Edtech Startups Competing in “Shark Tank”-like Competition

eLearningworld News from Germany The new high-tech strategy of the German Federal Government is not only focusing technical, but also on social innovation. VIP+ (“Validation of technological and social innovation potential of scientific research”) that is being launched today is the funding programme that takes up this broad concept of innovation. Scientists from natural sciences, life sciences and engineering as well as from the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies or interdisciplinary projects can evolve… Continue reading