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Latest News: African Union states that ICT is crucial for the educational revolution

Latest News: Edtech Startups Competing in “Shark Tank”-like Competition

eLearningworld News from Africa At the 10th edition of eLearning Africa Conference that took place May 20-22 in Addis Ababa the leaders of the African Union expressed the importance of eLearning as the main tool to realize the dream of an African skills and educational revolution. The African Union’s Pan African University Program is one example of that progress is being made within this field. The conference was attended by 1500 participants from all over… Continue reading

Latest News: eLearning Conference to improve Entrepreneurship

Latest News: UK Government launching Digital Marketplace for public schools

eLearningworld News from Africa Africa’s leading learning and technology conference is taking place in Ethiopia next month and is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The conference that is co-organised by the African Union will have a special focus on the learning technology’s role in being a growing ground for entrepreneurial skills. One of the methods in focus is gamification, in other words game mechanics implemented in a serious context to improve engagement and learning. The keynote… Continue reading