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Thoren Innovation School, a secondary school in Sweden, will in its Aesthetics programme offer a course to improve competence in content marketing and communication within the field of digital influencing e.g. on YouTube. This has generated heavy criticism from the Swedish Minister of Secondary School Education, Anna Ekström: ”The very thought of this becoming a job of the future for a great number of youngsters is as unrealistic as it is ridiculous.” These words should be seen in the light of the tremendous growth the content marketing business is going through. For instance research from statista.com shows that the revenue of services within content marketing worldwide increases dramatically by doubling every five years: in 2009 the revenue was €67 billion, in 2014 €118 billion and forecast by PQ Media for 2019 €255,5 billion. This reminds us at eLearningworld how the Swedish government during the 1990s criticised new courses within the field of media and communication, and the fact that so many youngsters wanted to work within media … this was in the pioneering years of the web. Source: Dagens Samhälle and statista.com