“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Rudyard Kipling wrote.  In this light digital technology gives great prospects to engage in short video-clips, podcasts, articles, other interactive content, social media and games. One excellent example of an inspiring storytelling-campaign is NIKE’s Make it count-campaign . However, like the author Nicholas Denmore writes “Things worth telling – take time”, a brand’s story can with these wise words in mind also find its way into a book. Since a video-clip or a social media-post easily could be forgotten, a book is more persistent.

Your story

Telling your story in your own words is a way to make you and your brand the original source of your business memorys, entrepreneurship, values, lifestyle issues and future vision etc. Such a source other media have to consider and relate to when writing about your business and brand, including inspiring them to write about you. But more importantly it builds a more lasting relationship with your audience and it works as a platform to engage more with your brand.  Great storytelling is really what’s move the world in the storyteller’s desired direction. To use the director of the original StarWars-movies, George Lucas, words: “A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.”

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LarsGoran Bostrom©