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Social Media design not that social, according to new research

Social Media design not that social, according to new researchSocial media like Facebook and Instagram are poorly designed for social interaction but are instead directed on finishing specific tasks, according to new research from Umeå University in the northern part of Sweden. This means that social media is designed in the same way that interaction designers are designing for communication between people and digital devices. The author of the doctoral thesis Aesthetics of Being Together, Christoffel Kuenen, suggests another approach to design that favours more qualitative digital human interaction. Kuenen says to forskning.se: “I am interested in the social dynamics in larger groups of people and how traditional forms to be together can be translated to the digital world.” According to the author the thesis that is available at the university’s website should not be seen as a description to create a new revolution in social media design, but instead as the start of a discussion about social media from a new perspective. Source: forskning.se and Umeå University 

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