Six most read stories and news on eLearningworld 2018

Six most read stories and news on eLearningworld 2018

Most read stories 2018

Six Most Read Stories And News On Elearningworld 2018

Analysis of Learning, Tech, Design, Digital Culture and EntrepreneurshipRead It On Applenews Badge Rgb Us Uk

  1. Enrich educational impact with support of AI 
  2. Making design the engine to achieve your goals
  3. European Innovation Scoreboard: EU is gaining ground in the global competition
  4. Artificial Intelligence – if you like or not – and why Europe is lagging behind
  5. Designing for the senses beyond visual
  6. Making Blockchain a European Affair


News stories Learning, Tech, Design, Digital Culture and Entrepreneurship

  1. Imaginative AI to explore the world
  2. The transformative potential of AI and Gamification in Healthcare
  3. Content Marketing trends from Collaborative to Tech – Trend 2 of 5
  4. How Blockchain technology can impact Education
  5. Gamified Virtual Training to sell Cars
  6. Sign of the time – New Digital Art Museum to light up Tokyo

During 2019 it is LAUNCH-TIME for eLearningworld with services like Storyteller on eLearningworld to create, distribute and share interactive books, new digital marketing services (both free and paid) and our new trend report etc. Stay Tuned! And to all our great audience and everybody else: We wish You a very Happy New Year!

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