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Serious and engaging agile games from Tallinn University

Serious and engaging agile games from Tallinn UniversityeLearningworld NewsSerious and engaging agile games from Tallinn University

Three researchers from Tallinn University have participated in the development of three agile serious games for engineering students. One of the games is based on Scrum that is a rugby term that focuses on situations when the strategy have to be changed very fast. This game is beside engineering students also used by freshmen at ICT studies at Tallinn University. The purpose of the game is to improve creative thinking skills where the student is able to see her results in real time. “Technical debt” is the name of the second game that focuses on teaching the use of coding at the beginning of the work process of a project. And the third game is directed towards improving workplace organising skills. Triinu Jesmin is one of the game developers, and she also writes a doctoral thesis on the subject, she says: The term “teacher” is key here. When oftentimes teachers use serious games as rewards or indeed entertainment, their value in teaching and learning goes missing. Serious games call for serious attention to the tasks where different games have a common purpose to develop the student’s problem-solving skills. The next step in this research is to develop control mechanisms that allow studying the knowledge and acquired skills of the players in real time. Source: Tallinn University and EurekAlert

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