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Reaching the top 10 on the Pisa-test, Canada has to some extent a different approach to education than the other countries at the top10-chart. Andreas Schleicher, the OECD’s education director says to BBC that equal access to the educational system is the key for the success. One of the main indicators of this is the outstanding performance of migrant children where they already after three years in the country scores as high as their non-migrant classmates. Besides this Canada’s provinces have very different approaches to education, which could indicate that approaches are well-adapted to their regional environment that also improves the outcome. In addition, Canada has the highest level of the working-age people in the world that has gone through an higher education, 55% compared with 35% that is the average of all OECD-countries. This is the best possible power-source in the developing knowledge society. Source: Read the full story on BBC