School Development in front-runner country “A Revolution for Many” More active learning, formative instead of summative evaluation of pupils results, more coaching and mentoring in the pupils learning processes are just some of the news that is being implemented in Finnish school according to the new curriculum. The new approach is directed on adapting school to the requirements of the Digital Age. This includes its demands for redirection of skills development and knowledge. In this more active approach to learning. It is also narrowing the gap between the work processes in school and working life.

The journalist Jens Berg at YLE has met and interviewed ten visionaries on school development. Where Agneta Lundmark expert on pedagogy in Helsinki City says the following: “The world is transforming. The whole school system is built on the prerequisites of the industrial society despite the fact that it no longer exists. In the new curriculum, we instead focus on the competencies that are required in the new society and this means that we at the same time have to review everything about learning.” The ten interviews were published on 27.12 2018 – 2.1 2019. Source: YLE