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Robot Art is a competition where 19 schools with their research teams from different parts of the world are competing of who can build the most artistic robot. Then the art is exhibited at an exhibition in Seattle May 14, where the winner is announced. The winners receive totally $100 000. From Halmstad University, in southwestern Sweden, the robot Baxter is participating for the second time. Last year the task was to interpret human emotions, in Baxter’s case it was the Swedish artist Peter Wahlbeck that was the source of its work. This year the robots should show its own emotions in the art. Other schools that are participating is Worcester Polytechnic Institute with its robot called CARP, MIT with BABOT and the winner of last year’s competition Columbia University with its robot Pix 18. Everybody can log in and vote for their favourite work, see the digital exhibition here. Source: IDG.se and Robot Art