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Education and the labour market has a close connection, and as Industry 4.0 now pushing away the old prerequisites of work, education has to transform with it. This is the central theme of this year’s annual conference and exhibition of the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE). The Singapore Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung here put forward in his speech five points of how Singapore was developing higher education to better connect to the realities of industry 4.0. According to Minister Ong, the transformation is “technologically-driven, disruptive, and turning the known order upside down.” The first point of reforming higher education in Singapore is to make education much more real life since tech has made knowledge extremely accessible. This means focus on experiential learning. The second point is to promote digital literacy, and the third is that the pathways of higher education should be more diversified. This leads to the fourth point that is directed on the importance of lifelong learning, both these points is focusing on to better embrace talent and social mobility. And it also leads to a broadening role of higher education, that besides a lifelong learning approach focus on innovation and to promote entrepreneurship, which is the fifth point on Singapore’s reforming agenda. Source: OpenGovAsia