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The researcher Torbjörn Ott at Gothenburg University has analysed the smartphone’s social aspects and as a tool for learning in his doctoral thesis Mobile phones in school: From disturbing objects to infrastructure for learning.  The result shows that pupils give a very nuanced image to the use of smartphones in school. On one side it can be used for cheating, disturbing by playing online games and use social media etc. during class, but on the other, it is a workable tool to improve the learning environment. This, in rather sharp contrast to media and their so-called experts as well as lawmakers that only produce a cloud of negativism on the subject. The reasons for these different approaches are that: “The mobile phone challenges school practice and education in many ways, for example, in classroom roles, curriculum implementation and control over education.” It is how you use the most generally used devices in our digital society in class, not that they are used. Source: Gothenburg University Press Release