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Classical Languages are back in school

Since the French Government introduced Latin and ancient Greek in high school in 2016 the number of students studying classical languages has continually increased. In 2018 81 257 high school students follow a teaching of Latin and/or ancient Greek. In the new high school, these classic languages will be taken into account in the continuous first and final grade. It is the only two options that will earn bonus points in the new baccalaureate. Since… Continue reading

MOOC Platform in Arabic passes two million users

Edraak is a MOOC Platform based in Jordan that was launched five years ago. It serves learners across the Middle East and North Africa. The focus is on subject fields like health, computer science, and leadership. It also works as an open resource for K-12 education in mathematics. Recently Edraak passed two million users with totally four million enrollments. The prime goal with the platform is: 1. to broadcast the best Arab professors to the… Continue reading

Government investing in refining talent in school and university

The Danish government set to focus on the most talented pupils and students by directing funding to refine and develop their talent. The projects concern the whole formal educational system including primary school, secondary school and higher education. For the primary- and secondary school a national talent unit will be established, a digital talent forum. To develop the top pupil’s talent from a scientific foundation and international cooperation. The general purpose is to secure systematic… Continue reading

The origins of storytelling give evidence of a shared cultural history

The origins of storytelling The power of an engaging story can change the world or keep it on its tracks. In this perspective fairy tales that lived on for hundreds of years has shown to be a powerful timeless source to influence societies. Recent research from Durham University anthropologist Dr Jamie Tehrani, and folklorist Sara Graça da Silva, from the New University of Lisbon, shows that fairy tales like “Beauty and the Beast” is much… Continue reading

Europe’s creative economy – public service media’s contribution – new report

A new report from EBU shows that Europe’s public service media organisations play a vital part in contributing to the creative industries. EBU representing 117 public service media organisations from 56 countries in Europe. The report shows that in 2017, public service media (PSM) organizations spent €18.6 billion on content. 84% or €15.5 billion was spent on original content. PSM totally invested €2.8 billion on fiction productions in 2017. This means 73% of all TV fiction… Continue reading

AI tutoring on online courses at a business school

Florida International University will provide AI-powered tutoring and assessments for FIU College of Business students. The online courses will use Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant that engages students in a natural language conversation. Its focus is directed on providing instant personalized feedback and assessments. It can also automatically grade short essays written by students. This includes evaluating vital skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. David-John Palmer, professor of information systems management, comments in the following way.… Continue reading

Futureproof Your Working Life success, according to new research

Employers 2019 are looking for a combination of both hard and soft skills, according to an analysis from business networking site LinkedIn. However, 57% of senior leaders today say soft skills are more important than hard skills. The soft skills that companies have the highest demand for, are firstly, creativity. This is the number one skill since as robots are optimizing yesterday’s solutions, creative humans are developing future solutions. Second is persuasion, to buy a product,… Continue reading

Business School starts House of Innovation

Stockholm School of Economics is directing på focus on research on innovation by launching the House of Innovation. This is a new interdisciplinary research-, educational-, and collaborative environment that is made possible by a donation of €15 million from the Foundation of Erling Persson that founded H&M. House of Innovation has three cornerstones, innovation, digitization and entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to improve and develop the Swedish ecosystem within these fields. To meet the challenges on… Continue reading

The Publishing Industry towards a new Reality

Digitalisation is transforming the whole publishing industry, new business models that profoundly decreasing the dependency of the old is appearing and getting consolidated. In this spirit, the publishing companies are streamlining their cost structures, strengthening their balance sheets and restructuring their portfolios. The revenues for newspapers is becoming more diversified. Instead of an exclusive focus on traditional advertising and subscription. Digitalisation is adding more value in the form of revenue from broadcasting, digital properties, new… Continue reading

Making Design the Driver of Success

In an age where originality is hard-currency and where everything that starts with “mass” is seen as a gust from the past. Designers often are what stands between market success and failure. It is an environment where intuition and preferences should be fed with a pleasant experience. Not like before when everybody was offered more of the same thing as everybody else. This means that the image of the starving artist of 20th Century. Now has… Continue reading