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Making the most of Your Book Manuscript Interactively

To be a successful Storyteller, Inspirer and Educator in the Digital World call for taking advantage of the interactivity the technology brings. In this spirit, we developed Storyteller on eLearningworld (SOE) that is a makerspace for interactive books, or rather interaQtive Books. This is a creative environment to take full advantage of interactive features integrated into the digital book format. In order to empower your story by integrating your audience further in the content. Take… Continue reading

Robots in school education – The pupils becoming teachers

The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, has started a new research project where pupils are becoming the teacher to educate a robot. The robot is programmed as “the ideal pupil”. With the characteristics that it is curious, want to understand everything and ask a constant flow of questions. In this spirit, the teaching-to-learn-pedagogy has shown to be a very effective form of learning. Both as a method but also that the robots curious will to know… Continue reading

The connection between skills training and general intelligence explored

Most cognitive abilities are positively related to psychology research has found. This means that a person that has developed reasoning abilities also generally has better skills in e.g. vocabulary. This factor has been termed “G” or general intelligence, but how this underlying mechanism develops has remained in the shadows until now. G-factor explored To find out what the g-factor really is scientists from Cambridge University has performed a longitude study. Where 785 people, ages 14… Continue reading

Pablo Picasso on Learning – #MondayMotivation

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. Pablo Picasso We visited Museo Picasso in Barcelona this weekend, an extraordinary centre of inspiration from one of the greatest artists. Let’s take Pablo Picasso’s words on learning above with us this week and create something great in any format! Maybe even in the form of an interactive book, if interested, learn more about it here… Continue reading

Citizen Science as a driver of innovation – a pioneer showing the way

As research from universities are getting more accessible and digital technologies are becoming a more productive tool. This also can form a foundation for a new dimension of science: Citizen Research or civil research. In this field, Germany is showing the way with the citizen research hub On the platform citizen’s can get involved in ongoing research projects and start new projects. Another vital part of the hub is conferences and other learning opportunities.… Continue reading

VR and Eye tracking for research and learning

Psychology research of a virtual reality environment with eye-tracking shows according to Professor Melissa Le-Hoa Vo, a psychologist at Goethe University Frankfurt, that: “When we search for a specific object in a scene, we seem to have developed a precise idea of where to look for and find certain things.” To reach this conclusion her team has used eye-tracking technology in a 3D virtual reality environment. Eye tracking is used to monitor human perception since… Continue reading

Mobile Technology forms learning and social bridge

Mobile Technology Mobile technology can be an equalizer of educational- and other social opportunities in developing countries. However, to make this develop into a true success story. Human-centric learning design and digital literacy training are crucial for development. This is the main conclusion of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) that are working with three different social enterprises in Kenya, Nigeria, and the Philippines that are using mobile technology in their local communities. Despite the… Continue reading

Robots become more flexible and sensitive – the next generation

GelSight sensors is a new technology for robots that have been developed at MIT. It uses physical contact with objects to provide a detailed 3D map of its surface. Thereby it can determine what the object is. By putting the GelSight sensor on the grippers of the robot’s arm it can also determine the hardness of the object it touches and chooses the right object in a collection that looks similar. These skills are crucial… Continue reading

Writing mood and exploration – #FridayMotivation

“And the idea of just wandering off to a café with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for a while is just bliss.” J. K. Rowling So let’s follow J.K. Rowlings words, and get Your story going. By getting in the right mood for exploring and find a place where you have not been before. Learn more about our interactive book services Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Facebook Tumblr The post Writing mood… Continue reading

European trend review 1: What most attracts tourists to choosing a destination

European trends from an EU, innovation, regional and city perspective are a deliberate choice in order to start with the main engines of European development. In this way, the Europeans and Europe are analyzed from a trend perspective. But, what about the nations then? The answer is that it is they who mainly throw sand in the development often only because of their own hegemonic ambitions. Thus, it is not a level to analyze European… Continue reading