E as in Experience - Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

E as in Experience – Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

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How skills training links to general intelligence Part 1

In this first part the G-factor, meaning how skills training links to general intelligence is being explored from a research study from Cambridge University. In the second part, this will be connected to soft skills development and digital learning. Most cognitive abilities are positively related to psychology research has found. …

Next generation Artificial Intelligence and ethics

What is the next generation artificial intelligence? What about its learning abilities? And ethics that surround it? Josh Tenenbaum, at the Computational Cognitive Science lab at MIT, describing to MIT Technology Review that the next generation Artificial Intelligence will have a stronger connection to cognitive science and neuroscience. Professor Tenenbaum …

Mobile Technology builds bridges for Learning and Social integration

Mobile technology builds bridges and can be an equalizer of educational- and other social opportunities in developing countries. However, to make this develop into a true success story. Human-centric learning design and digital literacy training are crucial for development. This is the main conclusion of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs …

Using the web with European tools

The web was created in Europe with Sir Tim Berners-Lee as the primary architect. But after the pioneer years, businesses from other continents took the lead in the web-development leaving Europe far behind. However, today, in the developing digital society several web-based European businesses have proven to be excellent alternatives. …