Mobile Technology forms learning and social bridge

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology can be an equalizer of educational- and other social opportunities in developing countries. However, to make this develop into a true success story. Human-centric learning design and digital literacy training are crucial for development. This is the main conclusion of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) that are working with three different social enterprises in Kenya, Nigeria, and the Philippines that are using mobile technology in their local communities. Despite the geographical differences, the experience of adopting mobile technology for social development is similar.

Learning and social bridge

Firstly, it takes significant time and resources to make people use the technology effectively. Secondly, never forget who the mobtech solution is meant to serve, like any form of learning design the solution has to be human-centric. The social enterprises include using mobtech to improve economic, educational and health performance in the local communities. For instance, eLimu from Kenya designs interactive modules to improve literacy, and provides teacher training, as well as helps students prepare for exams through its tablet-based mobile app.