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One of the most important aspects for Silicon Valley’s continual growth and innovation is higher education, in a new book Stanford professors emeriti Dick Scott and Mike Kirst identifies several mismatches. The book with the title Higher Education and Silicon Valley: Connected but Conflicted is based on a longitudinal study describing developments in this area over the past 45 years (1970 to 2015). The research includes 350+ post-secondary educational organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Professor Dick Scott comments the study in the following way in an interview with Stanford News: “While the two “fields” – higher education and Silicon Valley firms – share important values, including a keen interest in developing and using knowledge and a reliance on networks of professionals and specialists, they are mismatched in many ways.” One of the main differences is that the Silicon Valley businesses has transformed them many times as the technology and the market has been changing, while higher education to a large extent works in the same way over time. Professor Mike Kirst continues: “At the policy level, we’re operating under a master plan for higher education that was approved in 1960 and has never been overhauled in a major way since then.” Source: Stanford News