MicroLearning –  For adapted and integrated learning

MicroLearning – For adapted and integrated learning

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MicroLearning is trending, according to ATD’s research 92 percent of the organisations already using MicroLearning is planning to increase the use, and 67 percent that does not use it today is planning to start. The main benefits are that it easily can be adapted to tight time-schedules in general and especially at work. At same time as this form of learning works perfectly when improving the knowledge and skills bit by bit to develop existing competence within working processes. In this spirit MicroLearning also works as adaption to the limitations of human brains working memory and makes learning more engaging for most people. Read the excellent article by Alex Khurgin and stay tuned eLearningworld Europe AB will contribute with several innovations within the field in the coming months. Source: Association of Talent Development

Coming up soon, the founder of eLearningworld, LarsGoran Bostrom’s new book about Learning Design. Where best practice of developing MicroLearning modules is one fields that are included in the book.   

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