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Kista Mentorspace is a resource at the KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Stockholm where students from different fields meet to bring life to their knowledge and skills with digital technology.  But it is also open to business and other organisations as well as teachers in primary and secondary school to help them integrate digital solutions in their field of work. The goal is to develop an environment of digital creation and entrepreneurship as a stepping stone into the digital society. The Mentorspace is lead by Mark Smith, an American professor that moved from Silicon Valley 10 years ago. During Södertälje Science Week January 31 to February 2 (in the southern part of the Stockholm region), he is setting up a mobile mentorspace where he is describing his research on improving self-confidence,  personal development and an entrepreneurial mindset, and the positive impact for young people when they interact with technology with support from mentors with different backgrounds, competence and age. Source: Inicio and MyNewsDesk