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A new doctoral thesis from Gothenburg University presents research of pupils’ interaction with an empathic robotic tutor in a middle school class in western part of Sweden. The robot was designed to be able to interact socially. The research conducted by Sofia Serholt focused on the pupil’s interactions with the robot over time and across different educational scenarios. Thesis also explores the ethical dilemmas. The results shows that the pupils follows instructions from the humanoid robot, and they are able to emotionally relate to it. However, the children have harder to ask the robot for help and support when they stumble on something they do not understand.  The researcher Sofia Serholt comments to gp.se: “This probably to a large extent depends on how you introduce the robot to the children. In this case, they knew that the robot’s knowledge was limited.” Ethical dilemmas Serholt concludes has to be dealt with before starting to use humanoid robots on a larger scale in education. Source: Gothenburg University and Göteborgs Posten