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Can digital games improve healthcare? That is what the annual Games4Health Challenge competition is trying to find out. The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at University of Utah that is arranging the competition invites college students from all over the world to design games that motivate healthy changes in behavior. The total amount of prize-money this year was $60 000 and after the time for submission of game-projects ended at the end of March we are now waiting for the result. Last year, in 2016, close to 300 registered participants from 70 universities in 12 countries competed. And the winners were e.g. an app to help people take their medication on time and a game to help the user set reasonable goals and engage them to make the efforts to reach these goals. In the Games4Health Challenge the participants select one of the following six themes to show their entrepreneurial skills: Happy Fitness, Corporate Wellness, Clinical Health, Chronic Disease, Adolescent Mental Wellbeing and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality. Source: Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at University of Utah