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“Making robots easier to live and work with”

"Making robots easier to live and work with"eLearningworld News"Making robots easier to live and work with"

Leila Takayama is a leading researcher of robotics at University of California where her work is directed on the field of human-robot interaction. Takayama explains: “I’m interested in building robots that interact with people, that do things for people in their day-to-day lives, not just in factories and on battlefields.” Today, people in general has a very split opinion about robots, either we are intimidated by them or we have developed an emotional relation with them and treats them as a partner or pet, instead of asking the relevant question what a robot can do for us in our daily life? Takayama has specialized her research on robots with “telepresence”. This is robots that are fully and partly controlled by humans that are equipped with video and telecommunication, which e.g. make it possible to attend a meeting remotely with a robot present that then also can continue being the embodiment e.g. social events afterwards. Source: University of California News

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