Making citizen science a natural method of research

Making citizen science a natural method of research

Making Citizen Science A Natural Method Of Research “We want to build a self-evident and everyday contact Medborgarvetenskap Som En Naturlig Metod För Forskningbetween science and citizens why we encourage with the current promotion of research institutions and researchers to establish lasting models of collaboration – because only a continuous cooperation with the citizens for a longer period creates optimum conditions for mutual learning and knowledge transfer.”

said the German Minister of Education and Research (BMBF), Anja Karliczek, when she announced that the government increasing the funding citizen science research with 8.7 million euros. Where the goal is to develop a permanent building block for society. In which citizens and researchers collaborate in confidence and for innovation.

Citizen Science Research popular in Germany

The outcome of the first phase of the government-funded citizen science project that started in 2016 has been several profitable and innovative project. 13 projects received funding that year with totally 5 million euros. The range of topics is wide. It ranges from projects in the environmental area to projects in the medical, technical, engineering-scientific fields and social sciences. The second phase that is now starting will be going on for four years. 

In addition, a Science Barometer from 2017 shows that more than 40 percent of the citizens are interested to participate in a research project.  


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