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Adult Education Survey is conducted since 2007 and has during this time shown a massive increase in people between the age 18 to 64 that takes on new educational challenges. In Germany last year, 50 percent of the Germans have taken part in some form of training. Most active in these lifelong training efforts are the group between 18-50 years, but the group aged 50-64 continually increases their engagement in learning during the past 10 years, while the group 65+ one in five participated in education. The Minister of Education Johanna Wanka comments in the following way: “Continuing education is worthwhile at any age. It allows us to adapt our knowledge and skills to the changing living and working environments.” Where digitization of the society and workplaces opens up a new world of required knowledge and skills. The research shows that 40% of all training is delivered in digital form instead of traditional. Source: BMBF – German Federal Ministry of Education and Research