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Latest tech inventions in Japan

Latest tech inventions in JapaneLearningworld NewsLatest tech inventions in Japan

CEATEC located in the Tokyo-region is the biggest electronics show in Japan. This year robots was taking a huge amount of space, including everything from Omron’s artificial intelligence (AI) Automatic Transportation Mobile Robot that is designed to offer a co-operating workforce of robots for factories, to Panasonic’s social robot that is designed to be the perfect babysitter, it is both able to be the child’s support as well as a friend to the child. And further to Qoobo, the headless cat robot, made for social therapy. Another invention that was presented at CEATEC was a potential replacement for fingerprint technology that has been proven to not live up to the security standards, namely earprints! The earprint technology is based on the unique geometry of the ear and sending a sound into the ear where the sound that echoes back is specific for each individual. Source: CNN 

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