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Latest News: Two new MOOCs on e-health and healthcare quality

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Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm starts new MOOC on e-health in co-operation will edX. The course starts April 22 and focus on methods and techniques for collection, management and evaluation of medical information. The students will receive knowledge on secure and effective healthcare information management. You find course information here.  Jönköping Academy announce a new MOOC that is targeting healthcare employees. The purpose with the course is to teach the basics of quality improvement within healthcare. The course is delivered in co-operation between Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare, Jönköping Academy, Qulturum at Region Jönköping and NHS in UK. More information about the MOOC click here  Both courses invite students from all over the world. Source: Press Release Karolinska Institutet and Press Release Jönköping Academy

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