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British publishers won a victory against eBook-pirates in court when the first ever blocking order of pirate-ebook-sites was ruled. The High Court in London’s ruling implicate that ISPs have ten days to block the investigated seven pirate-sites that is hosted in Russia and US. The UK Publishers Association comment as follows: ”These sites, all based overseas, have been infringing copyright on a massive scale. Investigations undertaken by The PA found that over 80% of the material available on the sites (and in some cases over 90%) infringes copyright. Collectively The PA and its members have issued nearly one million take down requests to these sites in respect of their content. In addition, rights owners have requested that Google remove from its search results over 1.75million URLs which link to copyright protected material on these sites.” Similar rulings have concerned music e.g. the British High Court’s ruling against the Pirate Bay in 2012. Source: UK Publishers Association