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Research from University of California shows that “Likes” on social media produces the same processes as eating chocolate or winning money in a teenager’s brain. The research project is based 32 teenagers between the ages 13-18 that were told that they were participating in a small social network similar to the popular Instagram. During social media session the teens’ brains were scanned. Lauren Sherman at the UCLA branch of the Children’s Digital Media Center explains: “We showed the exact same photo with a lot of likes to half of the teens and to the other half with just a few likes. When they saw a photo with more likes, they were significantly more likely to like it themselves. Teens react differently to information when they believe it has been endorsed by many or few of their peers, even if these peers are strangers.” The research from UCLA was published in the journal Psychological Science. Two of the questions these results raise in a learning perspective is the importance of critical thinking. But at the same time it is an opportunity to use the power of such positive interaction in a learning environment. One of the obvious methods for this is gamification. Source: Science Daily