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Latest News: Protests against the new Hungarian edpolicy continues: Stays home from school

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A couple of weeks ago eLearningworld reported  about protests in many Hungarian cities against the nationalistic educational reforms of the Orban administration. Business Insider is now reporting that the protests accelerate. Thousands of Hungarian parents is keeping their children home from school. A Facebook page that opened two weeks ago forms a centre for the protests, today 34 000 people has joined it and it is growing fast. The nationalistic reforms that the Hungarians protesting about is generated by an extreme centralization where e.g. a national agency control and chooses which textbooks etc. to use in school education. The outcome also generates an extreme increase of administration for the teachers. It seems like the Orban administration step-by-step is trying to return to the bad old days before 1989 and the Hungarians do not want it. Source: Business Insider

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