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Latest News: Preparing students for the future with entrepreneurship education

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The Luxembourg Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, and Secretary of State of Economy, Francine Closener, presented November 7, 2016 the project “Promoting entrepreneurship in secondary education “. The core of the project is to encourage the development of entrepreneurial schools that not only focus on theories of the relationship with the economic and social world around them, but also help students develop transferable entrepreneurial skills in practice. Minister Claude Meisch explains: “The school is not working for itself, but for the society. Promoting entrepreneurship is a constant demand of the business sector. This is, however, not only to motivate young people to become their own boss, but to develop soft skills, so important to their future: communicative abilities, teamwork, commitment, creativity, assessment and risk acceptance, self-knowledge.” Source: Press Release Ministry of Education

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