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Europe’s population is aging where many countries has declining populations in combination with declining educational results this could have very bad consequences for future prosperity. The solution according to the World Bank Report “What’s next in aging Europe: Aging with growth in Central Europe and the Baltics” is to invest in people. Poland’s educational policy forms a role model and solution to the problem of significant numbers of young people today risk graduating from secondary education without minimum literacy and numeracy skills. Sweden, Greece, Slovakia, Croatia and Italy is just some of the countries where this is a huge problem. Secondly, this poor performance often is strongly concentrated among students from poor socio-economic background. Competence to adapt to technology that transforms e.g. the labour market is one of the general requirements that are necessary. Poland’s educational policy gives more solutions including: “Introduction of standardized examinations at the end of primary, lower and upper-secondary education, a reformed curriculum and freedom for teachers to choose textbooks and investment in their professional development”. Source: World Bank Report: What’s next in aging Europe: Aging with growth in Central Europe and the Baltics