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Research from CEA-Inserm-Université Paris Sud-Collège de France has discovered the network of brain regions involved in advanced mathematics and also simpler arithmetic operations. The research method that was used was to study the brains of fifteen professional mathematicians using functional MRI where MRI images were taken while they thought for four seconds about advanced mathematical and non-mathematical statements. The result shows that the network is only activated when numbers are seen and it showed no overlap with the language regions. Something that raises the question can there be thinking without language? Especially since when they were asked to think about a history or geography problem, the network which activated was completely different to the mathematical regions, and involved certain language regions. The research aided by technology shows what other recent research has found, e.g. that the mathematical brain regions network is an ancient evolution and is active in children long before they start school. Albert Einstein also reached the conclusion that we can have thoughts without a language. Source: Press Release from CEA